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Nutritional Supplements & Health Care Products
All of our supplements and health care products are made in the United Kingdom, using the highest quality, human grade ingredients. Production adheres to the highest manufacturing standards, including GMP code of practice and ISO 9001 quality assurance certification. The guidelines outlined in achieving these standards ensure that the products are of a consistent high quality, from batch to batch, and that they are appropriate to their intended use. The supplements are not designed as a substitute for a varied and nutritional diet, nor are they meant to replace prescribed medication.

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Joints & Mobility

Our range of joint supplements contain a careful selection of active ingredients designed to assist with the management of painful and damaged joints, which are the result of degenerative and developmental disorders. Offering a mix of both traditional and modern natural ingredients, the food supplements offer a multifaceted approach to reducing inflammation and pain, and helping to protect the joints from further damage and injury.

Digestive Health

Our digestive health products contain a careful selection of active ingredients designed to support gastrointestinal health and immune function. Containing highly effective, complementary natural ingredients, the supplements promote a healthy microflora and microbial balance essential for eliminating or reducing the symptoms of many gastrointestinal disorders, The products are also aimed at maximising nutritional absorption.

Skin & Coat

Our skin and coat supplements contain a balanced healthy selection of essential oils. These have the primary aim of helping to restore and maintain the condition of the main barrier protecting your pet against environmental elements and serving as the first line of defence against disease and infection. The supplements moisturise the skin and coat keeping it hydrated by retaining water, which helps to alleviate itching and excessive shedding.


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Delivery Information

For all orders placed on our website, within the UK, we send these out with free 1st Class delivery so in most cases should arrive next day. Please note that the delivery times are not guaranteed, they are just approximate times which have been given to us by the carriers we use. Although next day delivery is achievable to most postcodes, please allow 2-3 days for orders with addresses in Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and UK Islands. Once items are passed over to the carrier we cannot control any delays in their network due to unforeseen external factors, such as bad weather.

For shipments to other countries, the delivery time can be variable depending on the final destination. International orders are sent using Royal Mail, and for some countries, they use a Royal Mail Limited company called General Logistics Systems (GLS) to deliver the orders. For other destinations, once an order has left the UK, it is handed over to the relevant country's postal authority, and they are responsible for delivering it on behalf of Royal Mail.

We ship orders from our warehouse every day from Monday through to Friday, and any orders placed before 1pm will generally be shipped on that day unless this falls on a public holiday. Orders placed after the 1pm cut-off will be dispatched on the following working day. Please note that we don't ship items over the weekend, so orders placed after 1pm on Friday, or on Saturday and Sunday, will not be dispatched until the following Monday.

When orders are placed through our website, we decide the best method of fulfilling the order so that it is delivered to you as soon as possible. This normally means that the order is shipped from our warehouse, but we may decide in some cases to use one of our alternative fulfilment networks. For example, we sell many of our products through Amazon and store high levels of inventory in their UK fulfilment centres. Certain orders, placed on our website, may be shipped directly from one of these secondary sources, to prevent any delays in receiving your order. This may mean that the outer protective packaging, used for shipping, may have unexpected branding printed on it. 

Carded Deliveries

In the event that you are not at home when the delivery of your order is attempted, a card should be left to let you know about this failed attempt, providing details on how you can collect your item.

Please ensure that you collect any items from your local mail office as soon as possible after receiving an attempted delivery card. Standard delivery items are retained by the mail office for around 3 weeks, after which time they will be returned back to us and will have to be re-shipped at a later date.

We cannot take responsibility for delays caused by failure of the buyer to collect their item in time. In the event of an item being returned to us we will re-ship as soon as we receive it. However please note that we cannot control any resultant delivery delay in this instance.

On some occasions a delivery is attempted but a card is not left. If your order does not arrived within a suitable time frame, if possible check with your local delivery office to ensure they are not holding it for you. Most delivery delays which we encounter seem to be caused by cards not being left by the carrier.

Missing Orders

On rare occassions an item may go missing once it has been passed to the carrier. In cases such as this we will either replace or refund the items and make an insurance claim, with the carrier, on your behalf, once it has been confirmed that the item is lost. The time that elapses before an item is deemed to be misssing can differ, but for domestic mail this is usually 15 working days from the delivery due date.

Returns & Exchanges

We hope you are entirely satisfied with your purchase but if not, we will try do our best to put it right.

If you do have a problem, can you please fill in the form below and provide a little more information, including your order number you were given and the nature of the issue you wish to report. This will allow us to look at the details for your order and deal with the issue more efficiently.

Please note that only items purchased directly from our website should be reported to us using this contact form. Any issues related to orders purchased on some other platform, such as Amazon or eBay, should be reported via their own website using the standard procedures in place. This will mean any problems can be processed in the correct and most efficient manner.

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