Mollie's Story
Contributed by Fiona Jagger

Mollie is a very happy 8 year old fawn Great Dane.  She lives with 3 cats, Mickey (who is 14), and Sid and Chesney who are nearly 6.  Chesney (ginger) was found on a building site at just a few weeks old and he looks to Mollie as his mum, following her around and snuggling up to her at bedtime. 

She loves teddies and there are several scattered all over the house as she carries them around and always brings us one when she’s hungry, or when we come in from being out. She is such a character – we call her our Human Puppy, even though she is 8, as she is  more human than dog.  She thinks she should be able to eat at the table with us – and she could reach if we let her – She can also reach the surfaces in the kitchen and when she was younger she ate a whole ham at Christmas that was cooling on the back of the cooker.  We didn’t realise till the next day when we were ready to eat it, as she hadn’t left a trace! 

She loves going out for walks and now she’s taking the Advanced Joint Support, she’s able to stay out noticeably longer and this makes her happy :-). She loves to splash in puddles and rivers – the muddier the better!  On a morning, she is worse at getting out of bed than a teenager, and I’m sure our neighbours think my daughter is called Mollie as I have to call her several times to get out of bed :-).

I work from home, so am lucky to spend all my days with Mollie as well as nights, she is just a lovely loving, happy, gorgeous dog who we all love to bits.

Murphy's Story
Contributed by Paul Ross

Our Labrador was a rescue dog, but only in as much as his owners were moving to New Zealand and didn't want to take him. We had had him about a year when he began limping on his rear left leg, he was treated with drugs from the Vet, but when they ran out the limp returned, we sent him for X-rays and it was found he had a torn cruciate ligament, when he went in for the surgery they found he had also suffered a dislocated knee they believed two years prior. 

Typical of this operation on Labradors they had to break the bone in his leg remove some cartilage and bone to give the leg a new alignment then insert a plate to hold the newly aligned leg in position. We were told they found signs of arthritis in his join and he would probably be left with a limp.

We were told he could only go into the garden and no major movement around the house, preferably cage him, we didn't do that but he was virtually house bound for 6 weeks. After his check up he was allowed walks starting with ten minutes and building up in length to 30 minutes but no running or jumping. It has been 7 months since his operation and we have been using the supplement supplied by you, we started him on two a day given in his afternoon feed and was very noticeable how much they were helping him, so we now give him four a day in two feeds. He is happy and bouncy, walks very well and even has a bit of a run and a bounce around when we take him to the stables. The tablets are without doubt in our mind helping him and we will continue to use them. Murphy is 6 years old but thinks he's a puppy.

Freddy's Story
Contributed by James (Aged 6)

Freddy is 9 years old. Daddy said that he's got the loudest trump. Freddy can roll over, jump up and down. He balances a biscuit on his nose. I say go get it and he makes the biscuit fly in the air and catches it in his mouth.

In the summer I get the hose pipe and squirt out water, and he opens his mouth, and gets it. He eats blackberries and carrots as well.