Pet Accessories
All of our accessories are specially designed and made from high quality materials, so they are both functional and long lasting.

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Max-Doggy Premium Hands Free Dog Lead / Belt
High quality lead / waist belt, ideal for exercising your dog and activities requiring both hands, whilst having full control of your dog.
  • MAKE EXERCISING WITH YOUR DOG A MORE FUN AND NATURAL EXPERIENCE - Quality hands free durable lead which allows you to walk, run and hike, whilst still having full control of your dog. Due to the design of the lead it allows you to exercise more naturally without having to adopt an un-natural posture in order to keep full control your pet. Also useful if carrying out other tasks where you need both hands, such as taking photographs, reading maps, pushing buggies, shopping, etc.
  • COMFORTABLE, FULLY ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT - The waist belt can be easily adjusted from 27 inches up to 48 inches, as well as fitting most waistlines, it can also be worn over thicker clothing, allowing it to be used throughout the year. There is an additional ring clip on the belt where items such as a bag dispenser can be attached.
  • BUNGEE LEAD WHICH ALLOWS CLOSER CONTROL WHEN REQUIRED - The lead has two handles at either end of a durable bungee which allows you to have full control of your dog when it is required. The bungee acts as a shock absorber which minimises the impact from your dog's movement and sudden tension. This can also be detached from the waist belt and used as a conventional lead when necessary.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE FOR YOUR ACCESSORIES - The lead comes complete with a dual compartment padded pouch which allows you to carry items such as your house keys, mobile phone (approx. 5.2 inch or smaller) separate to each other so as to avoid damage. Can also be used for carrying dog waste bags or treats.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS, MADE TO LAST - The lead and waist belt are made from high quality weather-proof nylon with strong premium metal clips and is designed to last. The lead and waist belt also incorporate three seams of luminous reflective stitching along the length, to provide greater visibility when out in the early morning or late evening.