Advanced Probiotic Plus, 5 Strains of Bacteria in a Prebiotic Inulin Base, 2 Billion CFUs Per Tablet, Plus Digestive Enzymes, 120 Tablets, Boosts Canine Immunity and Digestive Health, UK Manufactured [ES-RQ1D-80MV]
Multi strain probiotic blend in a prebiotic base, together with digestive enzymes, for developing and maintaining healthy gastrointestinal and digestive health.
Recommended Daily Feeding Guide:
Weight of Dog Quantity Required
Up to 10 kg 1 tablet
10-25 kg 2 tablets
25-40 kg 3 tablets
Over 40 kg 4 tablets
Additional Notes:

If your dog requires more than a single tablet a day, based on their weight, these can be given either in a single dose or spread throughout the day.